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How to Pawn Your Caravan or Motorhome

Complete your loan application online or speak to an expert consultant

We will call you back within 1 hour to complete your loan application.

We will complete a video inspection of your Caravan or Motorhome via WhatsApp

Complete the loan paperwork online using e’ signature

Take your vehicle to one of our nationwide approved CaSSOA Caravan Parks

Once the Caravan or Motorhome has been received, we will transfer the funds within minutes.

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Withdraw the Equity from Your Caravan or Motorhome

The caravan and motorhome market has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. Now is the best time to get a short-term cash loan from and use the equity in your caravan or motorhome.

We are specialists in pawnbroking and have over 30 years of experience in consumer credit. We are a direct lender, not a broker, and operate throughout the UK—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Plus, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association.

How Do I Pawn My Caravan or Motorhome and How Much Equity Can I Unlock?

The process of pawning your caravan or motorhome is simple, discreet, and easy to complete. You might not have used a pawnbroker before, so let us explain how the process works and highlight the benefits.

If you prefer to speak, to an expert loan consultant, please call 0333 577 5000 for a no-obligation quotation.

Complete Your Application Online and Complete Same Day

The application process is completed online. With no home visit required and simple paperwork to complete, we can complete your application, appraise your caravan or motorhome, and take it into our safe and secure CaSSOA-approved caravan park the same day. Once received, we will release the funds the same day.

Bad Credit Accepted and No Credit Checks Required

Your privacy is our primary concern, so we are very discreet and confidential. Since you are putting up your caravan or motorhome as collateral, your credit score doesn't matter to us. We accept customers with poor credit histories and CCJs. We do not need to consult with or report to any credit reference agencies or similar organisations. Your personal information will always remain private and confidential.

Same Day Cash Loan From £3,000 - £100,000

Pawn Your Caravan offers loans against your caravan or motorhome from £3000 - £100K and up to a maximum of 65% of the trade value. We will provide a higher loan-to-value on your caravan or motorhome than other high-street pawnbrokers, who may only provide the market standard of 50–55% loan-to-value. We can even help if you still owe money on your caravan or motorhome by using the money from the new loan to pay off the old loan.

Nothing To Pay for 6 Months

The loan terms are for 6 months, and of course you can settle your loan early without penalty at any time. Plus, you can make capital overpayments and pay a reduced amount of interest. Furthermore, there are no loan requirements until the loan is fully paid off. It’s worth noting that, subject to underwriting and the caravan or motorhome's valuation being satisfactory, you may be able to apply to extend the loan term for a further 6 months, provided the interest due from the first 6-month term is paid.

No Hidden Fees or Charges

When you take a loan with, you will receive 100% of the agreed loan price.

We believe in complete transparency. We don't have any hidden fees, penalties for paying early, up-front fees, monthly minimum fees, or fees for not paying on time.

Low Interest Rates

We promise to provide our customers with a low interest rate and allow our customers the flexibility to settle their loan early penalty-free, make overpayments, and benefit from paying a reduced amount of interest.

Guaranteed Fair Valuation

We use Glasses - the caravan and motorhome valuation experts, who have over 20 years of industry experience, to guarantee an accurate and fair valuation. Glasses is the premier provider of valuations and is recognised as being the most accurate by caravan dealers, finance suppliers, and other motor professionals across the UK.

Safe And Secure Storage

While your caravan or motorhome is stored in a CaSSOA-approved caravan park, it will be subject to the utmost protection and specialist care. All the facilities are fully insured and secured.

Your caravan and motorhome will receive ongoing care and maintenance throughout their time in storage. When you have repaid your loan in full, you will be free to pick up your caravan or motorhome, or we can return it in the exact same condition by transportation, subject to an additional cost.

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We lend against all quality Caravans and Motorhomes brands including Adria, Airstream, Auto-Sleepers, Autro Trail, Bailey, Benimar, Burstner, Carthago, Chausson, Coachman, Dethleffs, Eriba, Erwin Hymer, Frankia, Freedom,hobby, Hymer, Knaus, Laika, Mobilvetta, Pilote, Rapido, Roller-Team, Swift And Weinsberg

We require you to be the legal owner of the Caravan or Motorhome and have the ownership documents in your name.

We are the UK leading and direct lender of secured pawn loan agreements on Caravan and Motorhomes and we are able to provide you with a detailed private and discreet appraisal.

Adria Logo


The UK is Adria’s key market for the caravans it produces. One of Europe’s largest motorhome manufacturers, this Slovenian company produces everything from space-conscious van conversions to top-of-the-range A-classes

Airstream Logo


The famous American caravans with their silver exteriors have been through quite a few changes in distribution in the UK in recent years.

Auto sleepers Logo


A long-standing and well regarded British brand that mainly focuses on van conversions but also makes Peugeot- and Mercedes-based low profiles.

Auto trail Logo


A popular British brand producing van conversions, low profiles and overcabs under the Auto-Trail and Tribute names.

Bailey Logo


Bailey is one of Britain’s biggest caravan manufacturers, with its Unicorn range in particular proving very popular. This season it has started producing more 8ft-wide models too. Bailey only started producing motorhomes ten years ago, but already has three ranges of low profile vans.

Benimar Logo


This Spanish brand has been reintroduced to the UK. It currently comprises three ranges – the Fiat-based Mileo and Primero ranges, and the Ford-based Tessoro.

Buerstner Logo


A longstanding German brand that produces the full range of van conversions, low-profiles. A-classes and huge overcabs.

Carthago Logo


Upmarket Carthago is one of the few German motorhome brands. It produces well-built low-profiles and A-classes, while its more budget sister brand Malibu also does van conversions.

Chausson Logo


Chausson is one of the bestselling continental brands in the UK, with a range of highly innovative low-profiles..

Coachman Logo


Coachman is now the only UK manufacturer focusing solely on caravans, not motorhomes. It is also the only manufacturer to include Alde wet heating systems in all of its models.

Dethleffs Logo


Dethleffs is a more upmarket brands that producing everything from compact low-profiles to huge overcabs with a strong focus on innovation.

Eriba Logo


Famous for its miniature caravans with pop-up roofs, Eriba, which is Hymer’s caravan brand, also produces very luxurious (and heavy) conventional caravans.

Erwin hymer Logo


The new name for the company that produces Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer caravans. And has now moved into highly innovative van conversions too.

Frankia Logo


Frankia produces uber-luxurious A-classes and low-profiles including the popular Plus models, with beds that drop down over the cab. You can choose between Fiat- and Mercedes-based models.

Freedom Logo


A niche operation, Freedom has been selling ultra-lightweight and budget Polish-built caravans for some decades. It recently branched out with new Spanish-built models too.

Hobby Logo


German brand Hobby, the largest caravan manufacturer in Europe, also produces every type of motorhome except for A-classes. It has a particular focus on family vans.

Hymer Logo


The flagship brand of the Erwin Hymer Group, Hymer produces luxurious A-classes and low-profiles with a distinctive exterior profile, as well as Fiat Ducato van conversions.

Knaus Logo


German brand Knaus has been gaining some publicity with highly innovative caravans like the Sport & Fun and the Travelino. But it also produces more conventional models in its Starclass range. Knaus motorhomes have a relatively low profile in the UK but are expanding rapidly.

Laika Logo


A-classes and low-profiles with typical Italian flair and great attention to detail.

Mobilvetta Logo


Reintroduced into the UK. Its K Yacht Tekno Line range of A-classes has a distinctly nautical feel.

Pilote Logo


French brand Pilote produces A-classes and low-profiles with a wide range of spec levels. It also produces the Le Voyageur range of top-class liner motorhomes.

Rapido Logo


Rapido produces the full range of motorhomes under its own name, as well as more budget priced Itineo A-classes and low-profiles, and highly innovative camper vans which in the UK are branded Dreamer.

Roller team Logo


Roller-Team is an Italian motorhome manufacturer with a strong focus on family vans. It is also the only A-class producer to include UK-oriented cab doors.

Swift Logo


Over the years, the mighty Swift Group has acquired a range of other brands, including Eccles, which celebrated its centenary last year, and Sprite which remains a highly popular budget brand within the extensive Swift stable. Britain’s largest leisure vehicle manufacturer has been producing motorhomes since 1985. Perhaps best known for its family-oriented Kon-tiki range, it is an almost entirely Fiat-based manufacturer

Weinsberg Logo


Weinsberg is Knaus’s budget brand, with a strong focus on family layouts and family-friendly interiors.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Over the last few years, the caravan and motorhome market has grown significantly and is still predicted to grow further. It therefore becomes more important to retain your asset. You could sell your caravan or motorhome for a quick cash price; however, it will be extremely difficult to replace it. So, you can pawn your caravan or motorhome to get cash when you need it most and still keep ownership so you can use it in the future.

WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE PAWNYOURCARAVAN.CO.UK is the UK’s leading provider of short-term cash loans on caravans and motorhomes, and we are highly experienced pawnbrokers. We are entirely online and can complete your loans the same day if necessary.

We guarantee total discretion and privacy at market-beating rates. We can lend up to 65% of the trade value with no payment required for 6 months and no credit checks.

Your caravan or motorhome will be stored in a fully-insured, secured Cossoia facility around the UK. We aim to set the industry standard.

HOW QUICKLY CAN I COMPLETE MY LOAN? can pawn your caravan or motorhome in just a few hours, and the money will be in your UK bank account the same day.

CAN I PAWN MY CARAVAN OR MOTORHOME ANYWHERE IN THE UK? operates throughout the United Kingdom, offering all owners of caravans and motorhomes the opportunity to unlock the equity tied up in their assets. offers an unrivaled service by allowing you to complete the entire application online from the privacy of your home. If you need to release the equity from your caravan or motorhome, then call 0333 577 5000 and speak to one of our expert loan consultants. We will guide you through the process and give you advice on rates, terms, valuation, and storage.


If you pawn your caravan or motorhome and take advantage of cheaper interest rates compared to other types of loans, you will be required to put the vehicle into storage and safekeeping for the duration of the loan and will not be able to use it until the loan is settled in full.


Yes, we can help you unlock the equity in your caravan or motorhome. Even if it is currently stored in a caravan park. We will require the park to be CaSSOA-approved. We would seek confirmation from the owners of the park that the caravan would remain in the park for the duration of the loan. You would not be able to use your caravan or motorhome until the loan was fully paid off.

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